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Christine Overmeer

020 - 598 92 57

Christine is one of our translation project coordinators. She and her colleagues make sure that translation and editing requests get routed to the right linguist for the job. She is the vital link who ensures that our translators are fully up to speed on exactly what our clients expect. Christine especially enjoys negotiating rates and deadlines with translators, with an eye to getting the best deal for everyone involved. If she’s able to tear herself away from her computer for lunch, then her absolute favourite is a meatball on a fresh roll with lots of spicy satay sauce. Nom nom nom! The generally quiet, somewhat nerdy Christine can suddenly roar like a ferocious lion at the drop of a hat. Or just crack a corny joke and she’ll go into fits of hysterics, squealing with delight. Christine is a huge minions fan, and she’s got the shirt to prove it!

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