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  • Rob makes your words work.
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Terms and conditions for participation

The course fee is €925 per person, including the cost of materials. VAT is not applicable. You will receive an invoice for this course which must be paid within 30 days of receipt. 
If you cancel within two weeks of the start of the course, we will charge the full rate. Please note that we only accept cancellations by e-mail (not by phone). You may transfer your certificate of registration to another person. The course will only go ahead upon sufficient registrations.

Terms and conditions, copyright and property rights

  • Taalcentrum-VU’s general terms and conditions apply to all Taalcentrum-VU training courses. By registering for this training course, you agree to our general terms and conditions. Taalcentrum-VU subscribes to the general terms and conditions of the NRTO trade association. Please view them here.
  • The course materials developed by Taalcentrum-VU are the property of Taalcentrum-VU. This includes programmes, syllabi, checklists and exercises with answers both in print and in digital format (for example in our online E-learning environment). These materials may not be used for any other purpose than your course. Taalcentrum-VU copyright applies to the course materials.
  • This of course does not apply to the rights to books and generally available learning materials that we use in our courses.
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