Translation process part 3: revision

By Translation process part 3: revision

The Taalcentrum-VU translation process consists of three steps: project coordination, the translation itself and revision. In this three-part series on the translation process, we explain what’s involved in each step.

Project coordination, translation, revision

The third and final step in our translation process is the revision of your text. So far, the project coordinator has engaged the right translator for your translation, the translator has delivered a translation and the assignment seems completed. However, the job is not done yet. Since we are a certified translation agency (ISO 17100), your translation will be revised by a professional revisor. What exactly is revision and why is it necessary?

What is revision?

Our translation agency works with native speakers who know how to turn your text into a well-written piece in the language you prefer. They are native speakers of the target language, the language you want the text to be translated to. Because of this, a translated sentence may contain an interpretation error or other small irregularity. A revisor compares the translation to the source text and fixes any irregularities, so that you receive a perfect translation. In other words, revision is an extra step in our translation agency’s quality assurance procedures.

Who revises the translation?

The revision of a translation is carried out by a professional revisor who is a native speaker of the source language (the language of your original text). The revisor looks at the translation thoroughly and ensures that it is a well-written text. The result: a text that is not recognizable as a translation. It’s only then that we are satisfied and your text is ready for delivery.

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