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What our clients have to say about us

'Taalcentrum-VU delivers top-notch translations for the Rijksmuseum’s website. They really know what they’re doing, and they always provide much-appreciated feedback on our web texts. Taalcentrum-VU stands for reliability, expertise and accuracy. Truly an indispensable partner!'

Rijksmuseum/ Rosa Aarnoudse, Michiel Omtzigt and Peter Gorgels, Team online

'The Amsterdam housing market is becoming more and more international. So you can imagine how popular the Business English power workshop was! Of course you can’t master a language in a single workshop, but we’re definitely going to schedule a follow-up. If you can keep a critical group like estate agents captivated for three hours, then you’ve done a very good job!'

Makelaarsvereniging Amsterdam (MVA)/ Sven Heinen, Chairman

‘Focusing on language helps us to communicate with all our residents, even those who do not speak Dutch very well. We worked with Taalcentrum-VU to put together a series of language workshops including writing courses and language coaching. Our employees are now far more aware of how important it is to use clear language.'

Municipality of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht / Fransje Weenink, communications consultant for Administrative Affairs

'Taalcentrum-VU has really helped me to improve my oral and written fluency in Dutch. My reading proficiency has improved enormously, too, which has been a great help when it comes to email correspondence with my students. My language coach really boosted my ability to read articles on my field in Dutch newspapers, which has been absolutely fantastic.'

AVAG / VUmc/ Eileen Hutton, Professor of Midwifery

'Taalcentrum-VU’s customized Business English workshop at our location really gave our employees the confidence to apply what they learned. And they really learned a lot! The workshop gave them the tools they need to express themselves with greater finesse in English, while also emphasizing proper use of our own corporate jargon.'

Staples/ Bianca van den Hoek, training administrator

'Taalcentrum-VU gave us a fantastic, tailor-made workshop. Our staff are now better able to respond to situations personally, and provide our clients with customized correspondence.'

OOM Insurance/ Annemieke ter Beek, marketing and communications consultant

'Taalcentrum-VU makes my words work by delivering top-quality translations on time, every time. The translators and project managers work with us to bring our texts to a higher level.'

Pokon Naturado/ Alina Ribbers, junior product manager

'Taalcentrum-VU makes your words work, because they want to really get to know our company, get stuck into the subject matter and know how to ask the right questions. After that, words are transformed into beautiful, well-written and accessible texts, written with the reader’s point of view in mind. Copywriting is an art form and we are happy to put our trust in the people at Taalcentrum-VU with whom we have a great working relationship. Both our employees and our customers often tell us how happy they are to work with Taalcentrum-VU.'

Van Aetsveld/ Miranda Tollenaar, communications advisor

'Taalcentrum-VU makes your words work with their extraordinary ability to write razor-sharp blogs, edit all our digital content and translate it into English, German and Danish! From support materials to landing pages, from adwords advertising texts to whitepapers.'

Instant Magazine/ Daan Reijnders, Director of Instant Magazine

'The editors of our annual report created a well-written document with a clear and concise style. They did more than that though; they also clearly indicated where improvements to the structure of the text could be made or where linking text was missing. I was pleasantly surprised by this combination of a fresh pair of eyes and a thorough understanding of the subject matter.'

De Alliantie/ Jennifer De Graaff, communications advisor

'Taalcentrum-VU makes your words work, because they were able to quickly provide professional legal translations. Good communication, short lines, and always available. This way I do not have to keep my clients waiting, which is exactly what we need when we are in the midst of legal proceedings.'

Labré lawfirm/ Tara Bruijn, Office Manager

'We asked Taalcentrum-VU to write both our full and our abridged annual report. That was super handy, because the writer really got to grips with the highlights while working on the full report. An outsider is often better able to separate main issues from side issues, whereas people on the inside of the organization may fail to see these distinctions. An additional advantage was that we could start preparing the abridged version before the full annual report was finished. That was a real time-saver!'

MBO Amersfoort/ MBO Amersfoort / Anneke Phillips, Marketing & Communications Manager


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