English language proficiency test: Online Placement Test

Assess the English language skills of your employees or job candidates with the Oxford Online Placement Test, plus an additional interview with a qualified English instructor.

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Practical information

Who is it for?

For everyone who wants to assess the English proficiency of their employees or job applicants.

How does it work?

The Oxford Online Placement Test is a computer-based assessment which consists of multiple-choice questions. Candidates receive a login code and complete the test independently in 45-60 minutes. The candidate’s score (expressed as a CEF language level) is given immediately after the test.


The Oxford Online Placement Test costs €35 per candidate. If you are interested in the OOPT or a supplementary test of English speaking or writing skills, call us for options and price details: (+31)20 598 64 20.

English language proficiency test: Online Placement Test

Do your employees or job applicants have a good command of English? The Oxford Online Placement Test can give you rapid insight into their listening and reading skills. Do you also want to assess their spoken or written English? In that case, you can expand the test with an interview and/or written assignment, evaluated by an English examiner.

Do you teach in higher education? Take a look at the English language proficiency tests for teachers.

Programme components

Rapid results
  • The Oxford Online Placement Test is an online test of listening and reading skills, vocabulary and grammar.
  • The test is adaptive: a correct answer increases the difficulty of the questions, while an incorrect answer prompts easier questions.
  • The result is given as a level within the Common European Framework (CEF): from A1 (the lowest level) to C2 (the highest level). Each level is accompanied by a clear description of what the candidate can and cannot do.

The test provides rapid results: you will know the level at which your candidates can operate and their need for additional language training as soon as they have completed the test.

Speaking and writing
Would you like to test a candidate’s speaking and/or writing skills by means of an interview and/or writing assignment? The interview is conducted by an English language instructor at a location of your choice. Your candidate can complete the written assignment remotely. As soon as it has been assessed, you will receive the results and recommendations for further training.

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