Complex translation projects

Will your translation project include multiple authors, multiple languages and multiple translators working at the same time? Our project managers will take care of every aspect of the planning of your complex translation project.

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Complex translation projects

A publication by various authors. A confidential research report translated into several languages, with multiple translators on the job at the same time. Translating a book in which text, images and layout are crucial factors. Sound complicated? Not for us! Here at Taalcentrum-VU we do not shy away from anything. We specialize in complex translation projects. From dissertations and magazines to historical publications and research reports.

Well-coordinated translation process

Complex translation projects are no problem for us, thanks to excellent processes. Your translation request is received by our project management department. They are your first point of contact and will find the best translator for the job. Our translation agency works with a large pool of freelance and in-house translators, making finding the right native speaker and language professional an easy task for our project managers. Your translation will include the right terminology and, if you wish, specific terms from a glossary provided by you. When the translator is done, he or she sends the translation to our revision department. One of our professional revisors then carefully checks your text and removes any mistakes, typos or stylistic errors to ensure that your translation is flawless. Our processes ensure that your final product is a top-quality translation.

Flawless translation

Our translators make use of advanced translation tools to collaborate on translation projects, ensuring consistent choices in the areas of style, tone and vocabulary. Our project managers see to it that everyone involved in a project is on the same proverbial page: the client, authors, translators and revisors. The result: a flawless translation.

ISO 17100 certified

Amsterdam’s leading translation agency is ISO 17100 certified. This certification demonstrates that our translation process is conducted properly and guarantees the quality of our services. We translate any text, from and into any language. Want to find out more about the possibilities? Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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Request a translation

For some official documents and purposes, a straightforward translation is not enough. Government departments or official agencies sometimes require a certified translation, particularly when the legal status of a document is important. In these cases, the translation is attached to the original document (or a copy of the original) along with a statement by the certified translator that the translation is a true and faithful rendering of the text on the original document. The certified translator also stamps the translation and signs it.
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