Taalcentrum-VU makes your words work

Texts that make the reader sit up and take notice. That’s why you come to Taalcentrum-VU. Our translators produce immaculate texts in any language. Our language coaches help you to write, speak and present with panache. Our writers provide copy of unparalleled quality and style.

  • Judith makes your words work.
  • Demi
  • Karla
  • David
  • Selena
  • Jane
  • Nicole
  • Voske
  • Marijke
  • Benthe
  • Janneke
  • Ellen
  • Jytta
  • Elise
  • Marijke
  • Kyra
  • Sue
  • Natalie
  • Anouk
  • Marja
  • Judith
  • David
  • Matjaz
  • Eric
  • Bodine
  • Nancy
  • Denise
  • Annette
  • Marta


Of course you can feed your text into Google Translate. But only a living, breathing person can have true feel for your style and core message. Our certified translators know their trade. They create flawless translations with exactly the right tone, getting your message across with panache.

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Training courses

They say some people never learn... but we have yet to meet them. Our language coaches can help anyone improve their writing. Whether you’re drafting policy documents or composing e-mails for your customers, a tongue-in-cheek blog or a scientific article. Whether you need to brush up on your business English or learn Dutch as a second language. Naturally we’ll also share our insights with you about how to keep your new skills fresh and up-to-date.

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Uninspired copy? Garbled texts? We can’t get enough of them! They provide the ideal opportunity to show what we can do: put your message across in the most effective way possible. An annual report that’s a pleasure to read. And incoherent texts make us sit up and take notice. We transform them into works of art. A policy document that’s easy to read. A brochure in flawless English or Dutch. A website with snappy, concise, provocative texts. Our editors and copywriters will help you create first-rate content. And we always put the reader first, because the reader is always right.

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