Web texts with impact and an appealing tone. Unambiguous, accurate and inspiring annual reports for print or the web. In short, texts that are not only flawless and meticulously structured, but that also get your message across the way you want. Our talented editors and copywriters will make it happen. We step into the shoes of the target audience and make use of our years of experience to produce stellar texts that meet the most demanding requirements of style, register and content.

  • Texts that work
  • It’s all about the reader
  • Experienced copywriters

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Editing your English text

You naturally want your English texts to be error-free and leave an impact. You want your words to reach your target audience. But how? Just contact the English Editing department at Taalcentrum-VU. We will edit your English text, making it flawless and smooth. When we’re done, you can be sure your text will have the impact you want. While editing, we always keep your target audience in mind. We enliven your text, drawing inspiration from our many years of editing experience in the fields of business, education, law, medicine, technology etc.

All native speakers

All of our English editors are native speakers, enabling us to guarantee high-quality English texts. Our editors know best how to tailor your text to the right context, keeping your specific instructions and target audience in mind. Text editing is a craft, which is why all of our native speakers are highly trained and experienced linguists.


Your English text will be edited by a native speaker who knows how to make your text shine. However, our editing department has not finished yet. As soon as the native speaker has added the finishing touches to your text, the revisor will have a last look. The revisor removes any remaining irregularities. The result: a fully correct English text, perfectly tailored to your target audience.

Any kind of text

We edit all kinds of English texts. We work with an enormous network of text editors, so we will always find an editor who is perfect for your assignment. Are you curious about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact our editing department.

English translations

Your English translation is in safe hands with our highly experienced, expert translators. Through a combination of efficient project coordination, native-speaker translators and extensive revision, our team is able to ensure consistent, high-quality results.

Commercial and creative writing in English

  • Improve your writing skills
  • Write colourful and concise English
  • Produce texts with appeal

Business English

  • Speaking and writing
  • Flawless international communication
  • Emails, phone calls, meetings