Language proficiency testing

Language proficiency testing

Are you looking for support or advice on your organisation’s language policy? Would you like to organise a group assessment or individual language proficiency testing? Our test experts would be happy to discuss your plans with you. Our project managers coordinate every organisational aspect, from registration to processing results.

  • Tailor-made testing
  • Advice on language policy
  • Results processing and follow-up


Language proficiency testing and practical application of language policy in organisations

How do you assess the language proficiency of your staff, pupils or students? What forms of assessment are there? And what can you do to improve language proficiency? Taalcentrum-VU supports you in shaping and implementing your organisation’s language policy, informed by our experience across secondary schools, universities of applied sciences and research universities as well as insurers and housing associations. We organise language proficiency tests, tailor-made assessments and surveys. We also help in deciding what to do with the results. We organise refresher courses, special workshops or checklists, for example, to ensure everyone attains the desired level of proficiency.

Language proficiency testing in higher education

English language proficiency test for teachers

  • Official English language proficiency test
  • Discover your language level
  • Done in 30 minutes

Language proficiency test for higher education

  • Specially developed for higher education
  • English and Dutch versions
  • Implementation support

Language proficiency testing for businesses

Dutch language assessment

  • Tests Dutch language skills
  • Online, 120 questions
  • Rapid results