Translation process part 2: the translation

By Translation process part 2: the translation

The Taalcentrum-VU translation process consists of three steps: project coordination, the translation itself and revision. In this three-part series on the translation process, we explain what’s involved in each step.

Your translation request is being processed. What happens next?

In our previous blog, we described the project coordinator’s role in processing your translation assignment. When this is done and a suitable linguist has been found, it’s time for the translation to start. In the first step, your text is uploaded in our professional translation software memoQ. In this process, our software searches for similarities and differences between your text and texts stored in our translation memory. If we find a lot of useful overlap, we will let you know and we will be happy to offer you an overlap discount.

Translating at a professional translation agency

As a professional translation agency, we work with translation software that incorporates a translation memory. This enables us to deliver your translation more quickly, to translate your texts consistently and to use the correct terminology throughout the translation process. Translation software is a useful tool, but the translator always has the last word. The translator accepts, adapts or ignores suggestions offered by the translation software. Naturally, the translator translates all new text that is not already stored in our translation memory.

So anyone with translation software can translate?

It is not that easy, of course. As a translation agency, we work with native speakers with a meticulous understanding of context, grammar, syntax, semantics and so on. They are keenly aware of cultural differences and they understand the purpose of your text and your target audience. The translation software they use is no more than an aid to translate your text more efficiently. The translation memory is built by flesh-and-blood translators, not by machines. Just run your text through Google Translate and you’ll instantly notice how important it is to have your translation done by a professional.

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