Privacy statement

Taalcentrum-VU stores personal details necessary for the provision of our language products and services. Your privacy is important to us, so we treat your personal details as private and confidential. Making efficient and effective use of your information is a priority for us.

Which data do we store?

We store the data we need to provide you with our products or services. This data includes:

  • your name, contact information and payment details if you are registered for one of our training courses or have requested translation or editing services;
  • your name and e-mail address if you have indicated that you wish to receive our digital newsletter Taalcentrum-NU;
  • your contact details if you have asked a question or would like to receive a quote;
  • exam results or information about certificates obtained.

We only save relevant data and only for as long as strictly necessary. Your personal details will be handled carefully and confidentially. Your information will only be passed on to persons or organizations we know and trust to handle your information appropriately and who are closely involved with our services. Of course we will not sell any of your personal details.

Your privacy rights

Your personal information belongs to you. Which is why you have the right to ask us to view, modify or remove your details at any time. Moreover, you may always request to receive an overview of your data (for example to share with another organization). If this affects the products or services that you purchase from us, we will let you know.

Would you like to access your details or ask us to modify or remove them? Then please get in touch with us ( We will always take care to confirm your identity and strive to process your request within four weeks.

More information?

Would you like more information about our privacy policy? Download our complete privacy document here (Dutch)