Cedeo evaluation

In 2021, Taalcentrum-VU achieved a customer satisfaction score of 98% for its customised in-company courses! Read the evaluations from the report.

Taalcentrum-VU has once again been awarded Cedeo accreditation for its customised in-company courses. Cedeo is an independent body that carries out customer satisfaction surveys every two years among buyers of in-company training courses and other service products. To obtain Cedeo recognition, at least 80% of the clients approached have to be satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of the courses and training programmes on offer. At Taalcentrum-VU, our training courses have scored well above 90% for years.

Cedeo evaluation

Taalcentrum-VU has achieved a customer satisfaction score of 98% for its customised in-company courses in 2021! The customers approached say they were satisfied or very satisfied with all aspects of the training we provided. Better still: every one of them said they would recommend Taalcentrum-VU to a colleague if asked and are thinking of purchasing another customised in-company course from Taalcentrum-VU. Below are a few passages from the various sections of the evaluation report.


‘As a first step, we arranged a training session for some of the team to get an impression, and on that basis we decided to go ahead.’
‘I introduce Taalcentrum-VU to every organisation I work for. Former colleagues tell me they still go back for private lessons.’

Training programme

Cedeo: Taalcentrum-VU goes to great lengths to tailor the programme to the client’s specific concerns and wishes. Often participants are invited to take part in an intake session to determine their exact training needs. All of the reviewers are satisfied or very satisfied with their training programme.


Participants are very positive about the interactive approach, the level of challenge, the variety of working methods and the practical orientation. ‘There was a wide range of methods: in groups or quietly working away on your own assignment; generating a discussion with your input or working together to restructure a text. We were also treated to fun quizzes on topics like old-fashioned language. It was an enjoyable course. People were enthusiastic.’
Participants are also satisfied with the degree of customisation: ‘At Taalcentrum-VU they really look at what we need. The programme they offer is tailored to our demands. Not only that, but it covers additional aspects you might not have thought of.’


Participants praise the trainers for their linguistic expertise and teaching skills: ‘They know their stuff and they are very relaxed. They respond well to questions. They take their time.’ ‘The teacher knew his material inside out and how to get it across. He asked critical questions and kept track of how we were doing.’ ‘The trainer was perfect: he had a good sense of humour and a wealth of experience. It really makes a difference if someone has a wide repertoire to draw from and can honestly say: “Oh yes, I’ve been through that too.”’

Learning material

‘The material was developed especially for us. They also took the trouble to rewrite our own texts for us, to give us a clear idea of what we should be aiming for.’


In many cases, there is a course evaluation with the client: ‘I discussed the evaluation results with the trainer. It was a really good conversation. We turned out to have the same points of interest.’
There are also plenty of opportunities for feedback, review days, further education and extending courses: ‘We arranged an additional team day under the guidance of the same teacher, to set out agreements about reading each other’s letters. It felt great to pick up where we had left off.’
Those involved are positive about the results of the training courses: ‘Putting the theory into practice really works. The press release we wrote after the course attracted lots of views and was very well appreciated.’

Relation management

Taalcentrum-VU sends its business relations regular updates on the courses on offer. But they strike a happy balance with the amount of digital correspondence. Several clients indicate that they speak to a contact or trainer from time to time. The contact is always pleasurable and informative. Two responses from the report: ‘The account manager happily sets aside an hour to call us.’ and ‘They take the trouble to update us on any news that might be of interest. They tune into the right signals and show a real sense of involvement.’

Value for money

‘It’s the right quality at the right price that keeps us coming back to Taalcentrum-VU.’
'The prices are competitive and the quality superior.’

Satisfaction with training courses and overall collaboration

‘Over the past twelve years, we’ve done a number of courses at Taalcentrum-VU. And we still come away feeling satisfied.’
‘They have a genuine feel for how we communicate and home in on our real-life situations.’
‘When it comes to Dutch language, they are quite simply the best.’

All respondents confirmed that they would recommend Taalcentrum-VU’s customised courses to third parties.