Business English

Learn to avoid common mistakes in English, and express yourself more fluently and with greater confidence than ever before. Your communication with your international partners will be flawless and professional.

  • Speaking and writing
  • Flawless international communication
  • Emails, phone calls, meetings
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Practical information

Who is it for?

Anyone with international business contacts. Employees from the City of Utrecht, SNS REAAL, Statistics Netherlands and many others have all benefited from this practical workshop.


10 & 24 October








€695 course materials and lunch included (open training course)

The exact cost for a private or in-company workshop will depend on your needs and the size of the group. Would you like to know more? Just fill in our contact form or call us on 020 - 598 64 20. We will be happy to make an appointment with you for a free consultation without any obligation.

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Business English

Do you want to learn to speak and write more professionally when communicating with your English-speaking colleagues or business contacts? Do you find it difficult to come up with the right words in English? Do you feel that your English isn’t fast and fluent enough? If so, our Business English course is exactly what you need. On this practical course, you will brush up on your spoken and written skills in English and take them to the next level. On completing the course, you will recognize common mistakes, feel more confident in English and be able to express yourself more clearly and professionally.

The Business English course consists of various modules: writing emails, telephone conversations, copywriting, presentation, networking and pronunciation. It’s up to you which skills you want to perfect. Of course, you can also arrange for Business English to be taught as an in-company course. Again, it is up to you to select the modules you wish to include. We will tailor our offer to suit your needs.

Download the factsheet Business English (pdf 858 kb).

Programme components

Email in English

The Email in English module focuses on improving your written language skills. You will learn how to formulate and structure an email, letter or memo in English. We will also provide you with useful standard phrases and alert you to common mistakes. After taking this module, you will be more professional and confident when writing emails in English.

Please note: for our open enrolment courses, the email and telephone skills modules have been merged.

Telephone skills in English

Does your job regularly involve making phone calls in English and would you like to speak more easily and fluently? In that case, sign up for the telephone skills module of our Business English course. You will brush up on your spoken English, improve your pronunciation and communicate more clearly and effectively. You will also learn plenty of useful telephone terms and the international conventions for spelling names. Not only that, but you will also get to grips with politeness and correct forms of customer-friendly communication in English.

Please note: for our open enrolment courses, the email and telephone skills modules have been merged.


In the Copywriting module, you will learn all you need to know about writing effective press releases, news items, web copy and texts for social media. The module is a combination of theory and practice. You will directly apply the knowledge you acquire. The Copywriting module is ideal for everyone who regularly writes short English texts as part of their job. It’s a great way to ensure that your texts appeal to your target group.

Presenting in English

Giving a presentation can be tricky enough in your first language, let alone in English. How do you ensure smooth transitions between slides in an English presentation? How do you hold the attention of your audience and what techniques will create a logical flow from one topic to the next? You will learn all this and more in the Presenting in English module. The module is a combination of theory and practice. You will learn useful English words and phrases to make your presentation go more smoothly and put them into practice by presenting your own short piece in English.

Networking in English

Do you work with English-speaking colleagues or regularly converse in English with international business partners? If so, it’s useful to be able to start a conversation easily. The Networking in English module focuses on using informal English in a variety of conversational settings. What’s the best way to get a conversation going? How do you hold the interest of the person you are talking to? And how do you ensure that networking in English is as easy as in your mother tongue? What are the do’s and don’ts of social English and small talk? With this module under your belt, you will be well equipped to enter any English-language network meeting with confidence.

English pronunciation

These days, many business people around the world speak pretty good English. We can usually make ourselves understood abroad and find a way to achieve our goals. But when it comes to pronunciation, there is often plenty of room for improvement. The English pronunciation module is all about actively making the most of your spoken English language skills. You will get to grips with common pronunciation errors and will get invaluable tips for improving your pronunciation. This practical module is sure to give you a great confidence boost and will enable you to make a more professional impression in English.

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