English translations

Your English translation is in safe hands with our highly experienced, expert translators. Through a combination of efficient project coordination, native-speaker translators and extensive revision, our team is able to ensure consistent, high-quality results.

  • Idiomatic English translations, tailored to your specific target audience and context
  • British and American native-speaker translators
  • Certified translation agency (ISO 17100)
  • Paul makes your words work.
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  • Nicole
  • Marijke
  • Elise
  • Marja
  • Nancy
  • Kyra
  • David
  • Anouk
  • Janneke
  • Selena
  • Annette
  • Natalie
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English translations

Although English has become a second language in the Netherlands, translating between Dutch and English is still a job best left to professionals: dedicated experts who know what goes into writing a flawless text. Because great translations are more than just word-for-word copies – they are written by native speakers who understand exactly what it is you want to say, and how you want to say it. Taalcentrum-VU is an ISO 17100-certified translation agency, offering high-end Dutch-to-English and English-to-Dutch translation services.

Dutch-English and English-Dutch translation

Although Taalcentrum-VU offers translation services for any language combination, the bulk of our translation work consists of Dutch-to-English and English-to-Dutch translations. Whether it’s medical English, legal English, a website translation or any other type of text, our project coordinators are always able to find the perfect translator for you. Where other translation agencies rely solely on the work of freelance translators, Taalcentrum-VU works with in-house native-speaker translators for our English translations: highly skilled professionals who are able to quickly and expertly translate your text, with a keen eye for style and context.

English translations

British English vs American English

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to have your text translated into British or American English. There are a number of key differences between these two varieties, primarily having to do with vocabulary, spelling and grammar. Once you’ve indicated your preference, our project coordinators will immediately set out to find the right translator for your target audience. In the UK, for example, most newspapers use Standard British spelling, while many academic publications use Oxford spelling. If you’re not sure about which variety to choose, we’d be happy to advise you.

English translation services: project coordination, native-speaker translators and extensive revision

Your Dutch-to-English and English-to-Dutch translations are in safe hands with Taalcentrum-VU’s translation agency. Our meticulous process ensures that each and every one of our translations meets the highest quality standards. Once you have submitted your translation request, one of our project coordinators will start looking for the right translator for the job. With each assignment, our native-speaker translators make sure they use the correct terminology, always taking into account any preferences you might have. Finally, a professional revisor checks the translation for spelling, accuracy and consistency before sending it back to you. This thorough in-house quality control ensures that every single one of our Dutch-to-English and English-to-Dutch translations is of the highest possible quality.

It goes without saying that we handle your documents with care and discretion. Everyone who works for us – employees and freelancers – has signed a confidentiality agreement, and our systems and processes are ISO27001 and ISO17100 certified. Nevertheless, within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we advise you to delete or anonymise any personal data that your document(s) may contain.


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For some official documents and purposes, a straightforward translation is not enough. Government departments or official agencies sometimes require a certified translation, particularly when the legal status of a document is important. In these cases, the translation is attached to the original document (or a copy of the original) along with a statement by the certified translator that the translation is a true and faithful rendering of the text on the original document. The certified translator also stamps the translation and signs it.
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