Legal translations

Get your professional legal translation from one of our Taalcentrum-VU legal eagles. Call or e-mail our Taalcentrum-VU translation agency for sworn translations of legal texts.

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Legal translations

Taalcentrum-VU’s certified professionals provide excellent legal translations for every text. We provide quick and accurate translations of legal documents. Contracts, court documents or terms and conditions of sale: all of your legal translations are in safe hands at Taalcentrum-VU. Our translators are familiar with the differences between the various legal systems and are experts when it comes to the nuances.

Legal translations

Our legal translators are specialized in translations of a variety of legal documents including contracts, agreements, court documents, notarial deeds, purchase conditions, employment contracts, written pleadings, notices of objection or appeal and many more. We also provide translations of complete case files or companies’ general terms and conditions. No matter how big or small the assignment is, we ensure quick turnaround times and excellent planning.

Legal jargon is our second language

Taalcentrum-VU’s translation agency also provides legal translations to a wide range of clients, including notaries, lawyers, accountants, tax consultants, companies, institutions and non-profit organizations. Please let us know if your company uses an approved list of terms, so we can include company-specific terminology in the translation. Taalcentrum-VU is ISO 17100 certified. This means that every legal translation is completed in accordance with fixed procedures. Your texts are always translated by a native speaker of the target language and always checked by a revisor. We only work with translation specialists with a legal background and in-depth knowledge of legal terminology and jargon. The result: a flawless and meticulous legal translation.

Legal translations into English and other languages

Most of our legal translations are into English. However, our translation agency also has access to a pool of expert legal translators who translate from and into other language combinations such as Dutch into German and legal translations from and into French. Our translators are able to provide translations in almost any language combination. Want to find out more? Get in touch with Taalcentrum-VU’s translation agency.

Sworn translations by Taalcentrum-VU’s sworn translators

Do you require a sworn translation? For translations of official documents such as notarial deeds, diplomas and certificates, court rulings etc., please contact Taalcentrum-VU’s legal translation agency. We provide sworn translations by translators included in the RBTV Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators.


Financial translations

Get your financial translations at Amsterdam’s leading translation agency. Our translators are native speakers who are conscientious and have a background in finance.

Translation of annual reports

Your annual report translations help you make a great impression on your international customers. Our translation agency is ready to help. We also offer editing services for your source texts.

Translations of reports

Come to Taalcentrum-VU for a professional translation of your reports. From consultancy reports to policy documents. We are also happy to provide sworn translations.

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