• You make your words work.
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Do you enjoy making words work? Maybe you’d like to work for us.

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The main reasons to work for us


Our people

You won’t find a more dedicated and fun group of language professionals. Seriously, you won’t.


Our loyal clients

We have been working with many of our clients to their full satisfaction for years. They learn from us, but we also learn from them.


Our challenging projects

Our clients are uniquely capable of inspiring us to explore the full breadth of our expertise as we rise to meet the challenges they place before us. We listen carefully to what our clients want, enabling us to achieve stellar results.


Our love of language

All of us at Taalcentrum-VU have been bit by the language bug. We know that language is a fluid phenomenon, and while we are perfectionists, we are by no means purists.


Our traditions

We’re the only company for miles around where Saint Nicholas comes for a visit in June. And we are blessed with the highest frequency of cakes, pies and gateaux of any company in the Zuidas district.


Our sense of humour

At Taalcentrum-VU we love to play with language. No day is complete without a healthy dose of double entendre, metaphor, innuendo (of the most respectful sort, of course), spoonerisms and puns.

'Taalcentrum-VU makes your words work, because they want to really get to know our company, get stuck into the subject matter and know how to ask the right questions. After that, words are transformed into beautiful, well-written and accessible texts, written with the reader’s point of view in mind. Copywriting is an art form and we are happy to put our trust in the people at Taalcentrum-VU with whom we have a great working relationship. Both our employees and our customers often tell us how happy they are to work with Taalcentrum-VU.'

Van Aetsveld/ Miranda Tollenaar, communications advisor

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