French translations

Taalcentrum-VU’s translation agency – for all your French translations. We translate all types of texts, from and into any language.

  • French translations tailored to your target audience
  • From and into any language
  • Certified French translation agency (ISO 17100)

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French translations

Taalcentrum-VU’s experienced translators understand that French is a highly nuanced language. They know what it takes to write a French translation that’s appealing, easy to read and 100% accurate. Whether it’s French-to-Dutch or Dutch-to-French, we always make sure that the translator assigned to your text is a native speaker of the target language. Our translation agency is ISO 17100 certified, which means that we are able to consistently deliver high-quality Dutch-to-French and French-to-Dutch translations.

Dutch-French and French-Dutch translations

The bulk of our French translations are from and into Dutch, but we can handle any language combination. Our project coordinators are always able to find the ideal translator, and because every single one of our translations is checked by a revisor, we are able to ensure translations that are flawless, accurate and context-appropriate, all with fast service.

French translation services, from legal to medical translations

We provide French translations in various sectors and professional domains. Are you looking to have your letters, brochures or even a complete website translated into French? We will select a highly experienced, specialized translator who understands your specific needs. Do you need a sworn French translator to translate your diploma? Leave it to Taalcentrum-VU. We always deliver reliable, high-quality translations.

High-end French translations

Are you thinking about entering the French market, or looking to introduce French products to new, international markets? Taalcentrum-VU provides flawless French translations for texts of all types. Our meticulous process ensures that each and every one of our translations meets the highest quality standards. With each assignment, our translators make sure they use the correct terminology, always taking into account any preferences you might have. After a translation is finished, a professional revisor checks it for spelling, accuracy and consistency before sending it back to you. This thorough in-house quality control ensures that every single one of our Dutch-to-French and French-to-Dutch translations is of the highest possible quality. Welcome to Amsterdam’s leading translation agency.


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