Portuguese translations

Our Portuguese translation agency would happily take care of all your translation needs. We can offer advice on whether European Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese would be better for you, for example. We only work with native speakers.

  • Taalcentrum-VU takes cultural differences into account
  • Native speakers from Portugal and Brazil
  • Certified Portuguese translation agency (ISO 17100)

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Portuguese translations

Over 200 million people worldwide speak Portuguese: in Portugal, of course, but also in countries such as Brazil, Cape Verde and Mozambique. Around the world there are over 180 million native speakers of Portuguese. Are you active in the Portuguese market and are you looking for a reliable Portuguese-to-Dutch or Dutch-to-Portuguese translation? You have come to the right place: Taalcentrum-VU’s Portuguese translation agency is here to help.

European Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese?

Before we start translating your text, we would like to find out a little bit more about your intended target audience. Did you know that there are differences in the way Portuguese is pronounced in different countries? Brazilian Portuguese is very different from the Portuguese spoken in Portugal, both in terms of spelling and pronunciation. We would be more than happy to help you determine the Portuguese variant that is right for you, your text and your target audience. Our translators are well-versed in each and every dialect.

Translation Dutch – Portuguese and Portuguese – Dutch

We specialize in Dutch-to-Portuguese and Portuguese-to-Dutch translations. Taalcentrum-VU also offers translation services for other language combinations. No problem! Our project managers choose the right translator for your text based on the source and target languages, the intended audience and the subject. We do more than translate your text into Portuguese: we also have our professional revisors conduct a thorough check. This process guarantees high-quality Portuguese translations that help you make an excellent impression in the Portuguese market.

Portuguese translation services

From business emails to websites and from manuals to medical translations, we can translate any text into Portuguese and from Portuguese into other languages. Our network consists of talented professional translators with a background in the subject of your text. Looking for a sworn Portuguese translation? Taalcentrum-VU’s Portuguese translation agency is here to help. Interested in making an impact on the entire Iberian Peninsula and other Southern European countries? Click on the links for SpanishFrench and Italian translations too.


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