Real estate translations

In the world of real estate, English is often the lingua franca. Make sure you have excellent translations of your all your real estate texts, and get in touch with us. We translates all of your real estate texts into flawless English.

  • Specialized in real estate translations
  • Affordable translations thanks to translation memories
  • From valuation reports to building contract documents

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Real estate translations

Taalcentrum-VU provides translations of any type of real estate text: valuation documents, leases, purchase contracts, building contract documents, project plans, project documentation, home owners’ association documents and real estate brochures. We have a large network of professional translators with the right background and experience to handle any real estate translation, including valuation reports or translations of property descriptions for

Our translators, revisors and project managers feel right at home in the world of real estate

Whether it’s commercial real estate, corporate real estate, residential real estate or healthcare real estate, Taalcentrum-VU has access to a wide network of translators who are familiar with the world of real estate. Amsterdam’s leading translation agency often translates documents submitted by real estate agents, valuation firms, property managers, property developers and owners’ associations. Our experienced translators are up to speed on all relevant and current terminology, standards and guidelines.

Efficient translations using translation software

Real estate documents are often many pages long. Project documents or valuation reports for example. These documents contain a lot of repetition and paragraphs with small variations, repeat sentences and the same terminology. Our intelligent translation software gives us access to translation memories full of previously translated texts. This allows us to see straight away if there is overlap within a text or between texts, allowing translators to use previously translated segments as the basis for their translation. This saves time and, more importantly, money.

Meticulous quality check of all our real estate translations

Your real estate translations are in safe hands with our Taalcentrum-VU translators. We do more than choose the translator with the right expertise and experience for the job, we also make sure that our translators are exclusively native speakers of the target language. A professional revisor will also carefully check your real estate translation before sending it to you. The result? A well-written professional translation of your real estate text: flawless, accurate and consistent.


Legal translations

Get your professional legal translation from one of our Taalcentrum-VU legal eagles. Call or e-mail our Taalcentrum-VU translation agency for sworn translations of legal texts.

Technical translations

Get in touch with Taalcentrum-VU for top-quality technical translations. From instructions to manuals, our native speakers know what they’re talking about.

Translations of reports

Come to Taalcentrum-VU for a professional translation of your reports. From consultancy reports to policy documents. We are also happy to provide sworn translations.

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