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Get in touch with Taalcentrum-VU for top-quality technical translations. From instructions to manuals, our native speakers know what they’re talking about.

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Technical translations

A technical translation is more than simply a word for word rendition of the source text. For translations of Dutch technical texts into technical English or another language, we need translators with a technical background. This is why Taalcentrum-VU only works with native speakers who are also experienced translators in specific technical fields. They are familiar with terminology and technical language and are able to consistently use the correct terms.

Translations of all types of technical texts

Taalcentrum-VU’s technical translation agency provides translations of any type of technical text: from instructions to manuals, from product specifications to work instructions, from software manuals to safety guidelines and technical reports. Please do not hesitate to ask us about our options for technical translations – almost anything is possible. Tip: make sure your translation request is complete. Do you have any documentation, reference materials or background information available? Please send us anything you think might be relevant and useful. This way you can help our translators craft an even better translation of your technical text.

technical translations

High-quality technical translations

Taalcentrum-VU’s translation agency only works with translators who are native speakers, but we go above and beyond to guarantee the high-quality of our technical translations. We work in full compliance with the European standard for translation services (ISO 17100). This means the following:

  • Our project managers will always be able to find the perfect translator for your text.
  • Translators use up-to-date online reference works, which allows us to use the correct terminology for your technical translation. Do you have a list of terms available? Let us know!
  • After translating the source text, one of our revisors will review the translation again. He or she spots any mistakes or errors and delivers a flawless translation. This quality check ensures you get top-quality translations.

Consistent translations of technical texts

Our translators have access to advanced software that helps them guarantee consistency in your technical translations. This software enables them to work together on the translation of large-scale projects. A translation memory is automatically created so our translators make consistent choices in style and vocabulary. If we have previously translated technical texts for your company, we can use our translation software to analyse the new text for overlap with previous texts or internal repetition. We will then only translate the parts of the text that are new or contain changes. This way, you can make sure that your translation is consistent and that you are not paying too much.


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Request a translation

For some official documents and purposes, a straightforward translation is not enough. Government departments or official agencies sometimes require a certified translation, particularly when the legal status of a document is important. In these cases, the translation is attached to the original document (or a copy of the original) along with a statement by the certified translator that the translation is a true and faithful rendering of the text on the original document. The certified translator also stamps the translation and signs it.
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