Translating ads

Your ad in the right language is the key to advertising success abroad. Have your leaflet, brochure or ad translated by our professional translation agency.

  • Make a splash abroad with your ad
  • Translators with a personal cultural connection
  • Consistent use of the correct terminology

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Translating ads

In any good marketing campaign, every single word counts. You will only convince your target audience with language that appeals to them. Translating a marketing text or an ad requires absolute precision. Our Taalcentrum-VU translators know how to infuse your ads and marketing texts with the right flair, vitality and meaning to create maximum impact. Most of our translation work is from Dutch into English and English into Dutch, but we have a large network of translators from and into all other languages that you can count on for all your translation needs.

Translations of leaflets, brochures or ads

The Taalcentrum-VU translation agency provides translations of all types of marketing texts, from regular ads and web ads to texts for web shops, leaflets and brochures. Need a translation of your online campaign? We will of course use any keywords that your marketing partner has selected for Google AdWords or Bing Ads into account.

Translators with a personal cultural connection

At Taalcentrum-VU, our translators are native speakers of the target language and every translation is always checked by a revisor. We work with specialists who know exactly how to effectively target your intended audience. Our translators are aware of cultural differences and how to best approach the target audience in their own language. Their unique experience and expertise ensures that you get the best translation of your leaflet, brochure or ad.

Ad translations with correct terminology

Have your ad translated by Taalcentrum-VU and rest assured that your text is in safe hands. We have access to a large pool of talented professional translators, allowing us to find the best translator for your ad, leaflet or brochure, at any time. Please let us know if you have a terminology list that you would like us to use. Our translators would be more than happy to use the right terminology in your text.


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