Website translations

Are you active in multiple countries? And would you like to address your customers in their own language? Have your website translated and garner international success.

  • Website translations from and into any language
  • Our translators are always native speakers
  • SEO translations including revision

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Website translations

Would you like your website to be clear and inviting to international visitors as well? The Taalcentrum-VU team can translate your site from and into any language. We translate web pages tailored to the visitor and to Google. The result? Online texts that are easy to read, optimized for SEO, with the right tone of voice and search engine friendly.

Website translations into any language

We will translate all your online content into any language. We have translated website content from Dutch into English of English into Dutch for a large number of clients. Our network also includes experienced translators into other common foreign languages including FrenchGerman and Spanish. Your translations will always be produced by a native speaker of the target language, followed by quality control by a revisor.

Have your source text edited and then get your website translated

Would you like to have your existing website content checked for grammar, style and SEO first? Our editors are happy to help. Before we translate a website, our editors will make improvements to the source text. You can rest assured that your new source text is a great foundation for the translations that will help you attract new international clients. Once your new source text is ready, we will send it to our translators.

SEO translations

Are your texts targeted for conversion? You may want to inspire your visitors to place an order or fill in a form. SEO translations are your best bet in this case. Taalcentrum-VU’s SEO translators are ready to give you effective conversion-targeted website translations. We provide SEO translations that appeal to and inspire your visitors to action. Of course we will take readability into account – to ensure that the text generates visitors and increases conversion. In close consultation, your list of Google search terms will be integrated into your text.

Translations of all website content

Creative writing for the web, commercial web texts, cultural web texts, web texts on research-related matters: whatever the topic, we will find a suitable, experienced translator who is right for the job. This way you can trust that your translated web texts are a perfect match for your organization’s writing style, including the right vocabulary and an appropriate tone of voice. The result: text for your website that read just as well as your carefully composed original.

Excellent project management for every website translation

Website translations can only be coordinated by great project managers. The project managers at Amsterdam’s leading translation agency communicate clear agreements and expertly coordinate even the most complex translation projects. We use up-to-date translation tools that guarantee consistency in style and terminology.

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