Translation of annual reports

Your annual report translations help you make a great impression on your international customers. Our translation agency is ready to help. We also offer editing services for your source texts.

  • Professional annual report translations
  • Create an international buzz
  • Save money with translation memories

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Translation of annual reports

Excellent annual reports help you secure your company’s position in the market as an organization known for responsible management of people and resources. Are you active in international markets? Do not forget to contact us for your annual report translations. Great annual report translations help boost your company’s image around the world. We can provide translations of your annual report, your company’s financial statements or your annual CSR report, including online versions.

Consistent translations of annual reports

Our translators use advanced software that allows multiple users in multiple roles to seamlessly work together on translations of large-scale projects. Our translation memories ensure consistency in style and vocabulary. Our project managers are highly adept at ensuring the whole process runs like a well-oiled machine. The result is a careful and thorough annual report translation with guaranteed internal consistency.

Lower rates for annual report translations

In the event that we have previously translated your organization’s annual report, we will run your text through our translation software. Any overlap with previously translated texts will significantly speed up our translation process, saving us time and you money. Our translation software offers immediate insight into the overlap between various versions and ensures full consistency between all versions.

Editing annual reports

To ensure the best possible result for your annual report, we can also edit the draft version before we start the translation process. Our editors provide a complete and careful review of your annual report. Draft chapters written by different authors are expertly turned into a text with one consistent tone of voice. Our editing department includes experienced annual report writers. Based on your input, we can produce a complete annual report, for example, or a twenty-minute summary.

Our translators maintain strict confidentiality

Your annual report is in safe hands with us; all of our translators always maintain strict confidentiality. Please let us know if you require a written guarantee. For confidential annual reports or other confidential documents, you have come to the right place: Taalcentrum-VU, Amsterdam’s leading translation agency.

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