Translations of reports

Come to Taalcentrum-VU for a professional translation of your reports. From consultancy reports to policy documents. We are also happy to provide sworn translations.

  • Reach an international audience
  • Consistent use of terminology
  • Confidential documents

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Translations of reports

Do you need a translation of a report or recommendation for an international audience? The translators at Taalcentrum-VU make sure your documents really speak to your readers. They research terminology in painstaking detail. They focus on the cultural context of the source and target cultures and produce translations that make your content shine.

Translating publications co-authored by multiple parties

Taalcentrum-VU’s translation agency specializes in complex translation projects. Do you require a translation of a publication that’s been co-authored by multiple parties? Or a confidential report into multiple languages by a group of translators? Or a translation of an extensive policy recommendation in which text, images and layout are crucial factors. We would be more than happy to take care of the whole process from A to Z. Our services include translations of dissertations, extensive scientific papers and research reports. We have a wide network of professional translators who have a background in a variety of fields of expertise, including the commercialfinanciallegalmedical and technical sectors. We also translate reports, advisory texts, policy recommendations and schemes for the government.

Report translation with advanced tools

Our translators make use of advanced translation tools to collaborate on translation projects, ensuring consistent choices in the areas of style, tone and vocabulary. Our project managers see to it that everyone involved in a project, from report translations to translations of advisories or scientific papers, is on the same proverbial page: the client, authors, translators and revisors. The result: a flawless translation of your report or advisory. In which every language or style component is in the right place.

Translation of confidential documents

It goes without saying that we guarantee the strictest confidentiality as required by the job at hand. The Taalcentrum-VU team has an impeccable track record as a reliable translation partner when it comes to translations of confidential documents. Translations of confidential documents are in safe hands with us.

Editing reports and advisories

It is important for report translations that the source text is in excellent condition. Do you have any doubts about the quality of your source text? Amsterdam’s leading translation agency offers extra services including a review of text choices and structure in the source text. A well-written source text will make the translation process faster and easier.

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