Danish translations

All of our Danish translations are done by highly experienced native speakers, ensuring translations that are flawless as well as appealing.

  • Danish translation services for all types of texts
  • Consistently correct terminology
  • Certified Danish translation agency (ISO 17100)

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Danish translations

Are you looking to make your mark on the Danish market? To do so, you will need to be able to convey your message in flawless Danish. Taalcentrum-VU’s translation agency offers high-end Dutch-to-Danish and Danish-to-Dutch translation services, with all translations done by native speakers. Other language combinations are also possible.

Danish translation services for all types of texts

Whether it’s emails, contracts, leaflets, user manuals or brochures: our translation agency can translate any and all texts into Danish, or from Danish into your language of choice. Together, our highly skilled translators’ fields of experience cover every professional domain – from legal texts to medical texts, and from marketing texts to technical texts – making use of digital term bases to ensure consistency.

Native Danish speakers

Taalcentrum-VU’s translation agency makes use of an extensive network of translators. We believe that the best translations are done by highly skilled experts with a thorough understanding of the target language and culture. That’s why – in keeping with the European standard for translation services – all of our translations into Danish are done by native speakers: translators who’s native language is Danish. As a result, you can always count on the quality.

Danish translation services

We work in full compliance with the European standard for translation services (ISO 17100). This means we follow a fixed procedure in translating your texts into Danish.

  • First, our project coordinators look for the best possible translator. This will always be native speaker whose specialization matches the subject of your text.
  • One of our translators will then start work on your translation, always using the most current online resources and term bases to ensure consistent use of terminology.
  • The final step is quality control: a professional revisor conducts one final check, ironing out any kinks and inconsistencies.

Danish and other Scandinavian languages

Although Danish is very closely related to both Norwegian and Swedish, there are still a large number of key differences between these languages. Are you looking to do business in other Scandinavian countries besides Denmark? Have your texts translated into NorwegianSwedish or Finnish. Want to find out more? Get in touch.



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