Scientific translations

Taalcentrum-VU started life as part of VU Amsterdam. Scientific and academic translations are some of our specialties. Get a translator with an academic background for your text.

  • Scientific translations from the heart of science
  • Native speakers with a background in academics
  • Translations of all academic texts
  • Paul makes your words work.
  • Annette
  • Nhomy
  • Marja
  • Ellen
  • Anouk
  • Jane
  • Sam
  • Karla
  • Marta
  • Denise
  • Judith
  • Matjaz
  • Kyra
  • Sue
  • Bodine
  • Voske
  • Marijke
  • Eric
  • Janneke
  • Marijke
  • Nancy
  • David
  • Elise

Scientific translations

Our offices are located right in the heart of science, just off the VU Amsterdam campus, where Taalcentrum-VU has its roots. As an academic translation agency we only work with native speakers holding university degrees. We are proud to call ourselves a leading supplier of academic translations. And we also provide translations from and into any language.

Translations of academic texts

Taalcentrum-VU provides translations of any type of academic text: scientific articles, papers, research reports, dissertations, posters and scientific publications. Translations of parts of texts – such as abstracts or conclusions – are also possible. Our translators also have a great deal of experience translating higher education texts such as methods, study books and reference works. We work with advanced translation tools that allow us to guarantee highly reliable translations with a consistent use of terminology and jargon.

scientific translations

Substantive expertise

Translators of scientific texts have to be both native speakers and have a background in your field of expertise. This is why our project managers will always look for the right translator for the job. They will make sure that the subject of your text is familiar territory for our scientific translator. Get in touch with Taalcentrum-VU’s translation agency to have your scientific text translated by one of our expert translators.

Certified scientific translation agency

Our translation agency works in full compliance with the European standard for translation services (ISO 17100). This certification guarantees the quality of our translations. We always follow the procedures explained below:

  • After submitting your translation request, our experienced team of project managers gets to work to find the most suitable translator for your scientific text.
  • For the best possible translation we use online reference works or, if available, your own list of terms.
  • As soon as the translation is complete, one of our professional revisors conducts a thorough check. This additional quality check ensures that all of our scientific translations are top quality.


We make words work for...

Request a translation

For some official documents and purposes, a straightforward translation is not enough. Government departments or official agencies sometimes require a certified translation, particularly when the legal status of a document is important. In these cases, the translation is attached to the original document (or a copy of the original) along with a statement by the certified translator that the translation is a true and faithful rendering of the text on the original document. The certified translator also stamps the translation and signs it.
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